Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin

Skincare focuses on skin health with products based on the simple, scientific formula:

Skin Stimulation + Topical Nourishment = Healthy Skin.

Sanítas features active, biogenic, paraben-free and preservative-free ingredients in highly concentrated amounts that stimulate and nourish skin tissue. The end result is healthy, beautiful skin!


Osmosis Skincare offers a collection of facial products that are safe to use on even the most sensitive skin because they are infused with nutrients that are highly efficacious and yet non-inflammatory.

Remarkable results are achieved by addressing ever aspect of skin damage; collagen/elastin production, scar tissue build-up, loss of skin nutrition and growth factors and DNA damage. Osmosis uses the most advanced ingredients in the world and avoids ingredients and strategies that weaken and inflame. Osmosis Skincare works to provide long-term improvements required to maintain optimal skin health!


TecNiche Therapies

Savvy Science for Healing Sensitive Skin

Skin, the body's largest organ, is not just about looking good.  Skin is your #1 defender  The magnitude of the skin's protection power comes at a price . . . skin is extremely prone to sensitivity.
Health Challenges, medication, environment, aging and lifestyle cause dryness, irritation, fragility and accelerated aging.

TecNiche Therpies® products are created specifically for the short and long-term care of sensitive skin.

In the short term, your skin will be comforted, softened and balanced.  In the long-term, the gentle introduction of Cosmeceutical-strength ingredients will strengthen, revitalize and repair your skin for a beautiful future.

Distributed by Skintinuum,LLC

Manufactured in the USA

Lids By Design

Lids By Design™ is a safe easy instant correcting strip that lifts and corrects the shape of your eyelids instantly.

Lids By Design™ is a non-surgical correcting strip that was developed to improve the appearance of the eyelids. Each strip works instantly to redesign and reshape your eyelids - lifting and correcting - taking years off of your appearance.

Great for:

  • Loose sagging skin hanging over your lashes
  • Asymmetrical lids making you look and feel uneven
  • Excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid
  • Heavy lids disturbing the natural contour and sometimes impairing visionAchieve instant results that you can see.

    Safe ● Medical Grade ● Hypoallergenic ● Latex free

    $40/Box each box contains 80 correcting strips