You’ll Love our Caring Team of Skincare Specialists

Pamela J. Groebner, Licensed Skin Esthetician

Pam is a woman on a mission to deliver the very best skincare to women of all ages—with all skin types and needs.

Pam’s holistic approach

Pam wholeheartedly believes touch, aromatherapy and music therapy (combined with expert skincare, of course!) have the power to make a difference in clients’ lives. Pam incorporates massage into her skincare approach, including different pressure point techniques, lymphatic massage and detailed muscle massage for the face, neck and décolleté. You’ll also find that soothing music contributes to a rejuvenating atmosphere at Radiance Healthy Skincare Spa.

Skin-focused training

Her story begins at the Aveda institute—one of the most respected esthetics schools in the U.S.—where she received her license in skin esthetics. She focused solely on skincare during her time at Aveda to gain a deep understanding of this complicated topic so she could help meet future clients’ particular needs. Pam believes this specialization is the key to helping clients look and feel their very best.

Touching the lives of cancer patients

Looking for a way to give back more through skincare, Pam sought out an extensive training program in Clinical Oncology Esthetics to leaxn about the many ways cancer can affect skin health. With this training, Pam can offer specific skin services to cancer patients during treatment—truly a time of healing in the body and heart. It’s Pam’s goal to give anyone affected by cancer the time to let go of worries and find their inner strength to get up and face another day. She counts herself blessed to have worked with many women, men and teenagers in her career and looks forward to bringing smiles to many, many more faces and hearts.

Outside of the spa

Pam has been married to her wonderful husband, Bob, for more than 30 years. They live in Neenah and have two sons and an amazing daughter in-law. Her youngest son attends St. Mary Catholic High School in Neenah where Pam and Bob enjoy watching him play football and basketball. Together, they enjoy music, traveling and biking, and Pam has a knack for restoring rooms and decorating.